EMERIH consists of a bunch of hardworking people. Or to be more accurate: one hardworking person that fulfills different tasks. See what you can expect from each of me.  


August Laustsen, CEO

August is a quiet CEO. He's not the type who talks non-stop. He likes to sit back, listen and think before he says something. It's not because he doesn't have anything to say - that's just the way he works. 


August Laustsen, Marketing

August has a big passion for marketing. He loves to discuss ideas and has a great understanding on how to make something relevant and interesting for a target group. He's had a short career but has already won multiple awards and has been approached by several international agencies.


August Laustsen, Economy

August is probably the worst economist any company can have. It's not that he spends money on stupid things. He's simply just really bad at math. Seriously, he can't remember anything from school. Please don't rely on this guy when it comes to math. We surely don't.


August Laustsen, Consultant

August loves to give feedback on ideas. He understands the importance of being open minded and being constructive in his criticism. He was once advised to  'Always listen, but always be critical' and has ever since worked by that.


August Laustsen, Strategy

August believes research is king. Every time he takes on a new assignment he's always looking for human insights and facts. Even though the right insight at times can be hard to find he always ends up finding it.