Our philosophy

Our business philosophy is based on three simple steps: Insight - Idea - Activation. These steps has carefully been selected and are based on three years of succesfull school work. Furthermore you need to know, that we don't use the term 'target groups' but prefer to call it 'participants'. We do this because everything we create is something that people should participate and engage with. By doing this we're forced to create something fun or lifechanging. Below you'll find a more detailed description of the different steps and their impact.

The Insight:
All good work is based on an insight. An insight can in many ways decide how good the idea is and can in some cases even be the idea. If the insight isn't true, then nobody is going to care about the campaign. But, if the insight is true it can change lifes. 

The Idea:
A good idea can change the world. We believe good ideas comes in all shapes and sizes. And because of that it's impossible to conclude what a good idea is. But for us, a good idea solves a problem. It makes the life easier, funnier or confronts a tabu for a group of people. We believe that we're not only here to sell products - but also help people.

The Activation:
A good idea needs to be activated and engaged with. We're always trying to engage communities. Give them something to talk about, fight for or simply share. Some businesses thinks 'the bigger the target group, the better'. We don't. We like the saying 'Aim tight, hit wide', meaning if you create something interesting and great for a small community it often attracts the attention of larger communities.

If these three steps are worked through probably it's almost certain that the campaign is going to be succesfull. And that means you, EMERIH and I are happy.

Welcome to EMERIH.